Jordan Lejuwaan

Jordan Lejuwaan


Global Gift Project

Crowdsourcing a gigantic piece of art to be given as a gift from the US to people of Mexico with the goal of sparking a chain reaction of gifts between the countries of the world.

Zero Space

A visceral + immersive art playhouse designed to explore the limits of your senses based in Brooklyn, NY.

Task Slayer

The ultimate productivity tool. TaskSlayer is a desktop, mobile and web app that forces GTD principles into your daily workflow to maximize productivity.


One of the world's largest online science publications covering the technologies shaping humanity's future.


A visionary art clothing company that gives artists 20% of every sale. Ran two succcessful Kickstarters in 2013 and 2016.


A blog and community centered around thinking differently about life. Main topics include meditation, psychedelics, lifestyle design, productivity, consciousness and happiness.

Hey, I'm Jordan. I love creating new things. I dropped out of college in 2009 and have since been on a wild ride to find out the number one thing I can put my time into to have the biggest impact (while having fun doing it). So far that answer is a mix of technology and community organizing.

Things I Love

Loud electronic music
Guaranteed Basic Income
Liquid Democracy
Psychedelics (especially MDMA and Ketamine)
Segway Ninebot One
Sitting down on the floor with my eyes closed at shows
The Internet
Good headphones
Radiohead, Ratatat & Rage Against the Machine