Jordan Lejuwaan

Jordan Lejuwaan


Zero Space

A visceral + immersive art playhouse designed to explore the limits of your senses based in New York City. Launching in Summer '19.

Task Slayer

A 'productivity machine' that forces you to work smart and destroy your tasks one-by-one. Available for macOS.

Gravity Blanket

The weighted blanket for sleep, stress and anxiety. Launched as an internal project at Futurism and Kraised $4.7M on Kickstarter. 20th largest crowdfunding project of all time.


One of the world's largest online science publications covering the technologies shaping humanity's future. Acquired by Singularity University in 2019.


A visionary art clothing company that gives artists 20% of every sale. Ran two succcessful Kickstarters in 2013 and 2016.


A blog and community centered around thinking differently about life. Main topics include meditation, psychedelics, lifestyle design, productivity, consciousness and happiness.

Hey, I'm Jordan. I love creating new things. I dropped out of college in 2009 and have since been on a wild ride to find out the number one thing I can put my time into to have the biggest impact (while having fun doing it). So far that answer is a mix of technology and community organizing.

Things I Love

Bass Music
Guaranteed Basic Income
Liquid Democracy
Meditating on Dance Floors
The Internet
Good Headphones
Radiohead, Ratatat & Rage Against the Machine